LAD Group

Group Industry

Since 2002, LAD Group has invested in the formation of "Jiangyin Tianli Gas Co., Ltd.", "Jingjiang Tianli Gas Co., Ltd.", "Jiangyin Tianli Gas Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd.", "Jiande Zheneng Natural Gas Co., Ltd." "LAD Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd." and other companies to form the Group's urban energy sector.

The Group is committed to providing gas supply services such as natural gas pipeline network laying, connection, installation and comprehensive energy solutions for urban residents and industrial and commercial enterprises of the Yangtze River Delta region such as Jiangyin and Jingjiang. Focusing on customer needs and industrial layout, the Group's gas business gradually covers LNG liquefaction production and sales, LNG and LPG sub-package sales, LNG and CNG gas station business, city supporting gas storage peaking, gas engineering installation, etc. Up to now, the high, medium and low pressure pipeline networks operated safely by the gas companies have exceeded 3,500 kilometers, serving nearly 2.3 million residents, and the annual gas supply has exceeded 1 billion cubic meters. It is an important force for the regional coal-to-gas reform work and the " Battle of the Blue Sky ". With the in-depth implementation of the national clean energy strategy, the Group will continue to increase investment in pipeline networks, optimize pipeline routes, and add gas supply nodes to effectively guarantee and meet the sustained, stable and safe demand for clean energy of regional cities.