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Jiangsu LAD Group Co., Ltd.'s 2020 Annual Summary

On the afternoon of December 25th, Jiangsu LAD Group Co., Ltd.'s 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2021 Annual Contracting and Signing Conference was held in the group company. Leaders of the group company attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Huang Litai expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all Reanda employees and warm congratulations to the advanced individuals and collectives commended by the conference. This year has faced unprecedented difficulties, but with the joint efforts of everyone, good economic benefits have been achieved. She said that to enhance the sense of crisis and urgency, to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, to improve leadership, learning ability, and talent.

Looking back on 2020, which is full of "incidents," Vice President Jin Jiyang elaborated on the work of this year from the five aspects of the macroeconomic situation, the performance of each business sector of the group, financial investment, brand development, and group management. Performance is affirmed. He said that 2021 is a year full of opportunities. It is necessary to meet the challenges of the new year with a positive attitude, and to build a "respected century-old enterprise" as the vision, continuously improve the sense of social responsibility, and show Reanda's good outlook.

The meeting focused on the 2020 work overview, work completion, deficiencies in the work, and next year's work plan. Representatives of various departments will make summary exchanges and speeches, reflecting the performance, results and problems of the work in the past year from multiple perspectives. The main person in charge of each department signed the 2020 "Business Objective Assessment Responsibility Letter".